Saturday, 4 June 2011

they think its all over now......part 3

It's 12 days since the operation and it feels as if it has been much longer!!

I should get the appointment for the hospital some time next week to attend the week after. Can't wait to see what it looks like under all that bandage, although some of it is coming off now and I can see some horrific bruising.

Feeling tired today and a little low but this is only natural considering what I have been through.  In fact I would worry more about the state of my mental health if I didn't feel a bit low at some point.  Spoke to the doctors regarding pain relief and was given a prescription for Tramadol which seems to work at lot better.  I am sick of being in the wheelchair already and feel very restless to say the least.  Not used to having so much free time on my hands .  Sorry to say am even getting bored of Facebook !  Some days I feel that it is just too much effort to transfer and other days it doesn't bother me as it seems to be second nature, today however is one of those "too much effort " days.

I know I need to take it easy and if I was talking to some one else I would tell them not to be in a rush with everything, too enjoy the time off they had and to make the most of it , unfortunately I am not very good at taking my own advice.  The kids are coping very well considering and the oldest two are amazing they are doing everything I ask and more.  David is a special kind of man as well.  He has taken everything in his stride and not once has he uttered a word of complaint.  I have to admit there is not many blokes in this world who would willingly take on this type of responsibility and shine, but David does and am lucky to have him.  My ex husband baulked at the thought of me going through a operation some years ago and it didn't involve half of what am going through now and that was with one kid !!

My 5 year old is acting out at the moment and I think it is to do with the amputation. All am trying to do is look forward to the future with my family.  But on a lighter note.....I am being interviewed for BBC Newcastle  radio on Monday morning LIVE ! now how funny is that going to be 8am, school run. 6 kids, Monday morning....mmmmm. Also on Monday we are being interviewed for the News again,

What a media whore I am !!

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