Monday, 6 February 2012


In such a short space of time so much has happened!

Honestly I don't know where to begin.  So much for a HAPPY new year.  Got a reply from the MP and from No10 Downing Street saying my concerns had been passed over to Ian Duncan Smith and "other ministers" more appropriate.  Meanwhile....Access to work have reviewed the case and now decided that I don't have to pay any VAT or Contributions, right in time for me NOT to have a job.

Yes no job.  Things with work ended up coming to a head near the end of January and me and my employer parted company.  It was rather unexpected for the both of us to say the least but lets just say I felt having to "project" my future time off as "unreasonable".  So now we are out of work and scrambling for something so we can keep paying for the holiday.  On the bright side after a week out of work I have managed to obtain an interview for Wednesday this week and a telephone interview tonight. So every one send good karma and keep fingers toes and other appendages crossed for me !

We are not doing any better on the leg front either.  Since leaving work though I have thrown myself into the physio incorporating  boxing and weights which I really do enjoy.  So much so that I have invested in my own set of weights and boxing set.  The down side here is that since Christmas I have actually gained 2stone !!!!
This came as a horrendous shock as I knew I had put on some weight but not that much.  My legs have been taken away from me for now until they can re size my liner and there is a discussion going on as to whether or not they will re cast me for the sockets.  Problem being is I am now over the threshold for those type of legs.
So in the vain of trying really hard to exercise more to lose weight I told the physio team to push me on I cant move !

Its funny what life sometimes has in store for you. Take a look at me this time last year I wouldn't have seen my self still with out legs and jobless.  Enjoy life while you can you just never know whats around the corner !

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