Thursday, 7 August 2014


I have now been on summer break from University since the end of May and the weeks have been stretching away into the distance. It seemed at one point that they would go on forever, but as I sit and type this I realise that it won't be long before am back at University again.

Am due to start back on the 22nd of September and my freshers week timetable has just arrived starting on the 15th of September. I have to be honest and say that the summer weeks have been slow for me and am looking forward to going back and getting my teeth stuck into the work. I was really happy with my results from my first year which was a level 0 with most of my exams and assignments coming back as a first. So it was with a happy squeal of  delight that I read my transcript to see a pass and proceed.

My meeting with the DSA team at the university went great and am going to be getting a lot more support from them this year that wasn't in place last year. Things such as extra time for exams, copy of lecture notes in advance, a scribe to take notes when my hands are too bad or to help during the exams, deadline extensions if needed, rest breaks and the ability to record lectures as well. Taxis all week to get too and from University and a support worker for 37.5 hours a week, which is great and means I can work in the library when I need too when I don't have a lecture or seminar. They are also sorting out desks for the right height for the wheelchair and extra loan times or help in the library as well. I think the problem last year was down to the fact that it was not through the University itself but in partnership with the college. This meant that things I should have had the college could not supply or had not been informed about by the powers that be and the University could only pass on what my needs where  as technically although I am a University student, I fell under the college jurisdiction.  Hopefully the college will sort out the issues they had ready for the new term this year.

David Goldman building where the first lecture will be  the welcome from the Dean

So what else has been happening since we last spoke? I hear you cry ( ok well maybe I didn't hear it but you might be thinking it? ) My eldest came back from University at Stafford at the end of May and is now getting ready to go off to Leeds festival in a couple of weeks. He will then be home for a few days when he will be packing back up again to head back to University. Sadly I lost one of my cats last week Harley Kitty  so that upset every one in the house.  

Harley Kitty RIP

The other health issues are the same old same old. Back at the chest clinic for my sleep apnea and chronic fatigue . Looks like I will have to take my CPAP machine on holiday with me. Also had to go back to the doctors for Tramadol and to see about my hands as the pins and needles are getting worse and am now losing the feeling in some of my fingers. They think it might be a nerve problem so we will wait and see.  As for the weight loss?..well...mmm.. not so good. I admit I have no willpower  which sucks when you are trying to lose weight and need to be good. I have upped my exercise program so as well as doing my physio on a morning and my version of Ti Chi, I am also doing push ups, weights, leg raises and wheelchair exercises I found on You tube. As well as this I have changed my eating habits. Cut out processed bread and food, eating more salads, fruit and veg along with fresh meat. As well as this I am also trying out that 5.2 diet. This is where you eat as normal 5 days a week and fast with shakes for two days. You also get one meal each of the two days but no more then 126 cals per meal. Yes I do feel that am starving but having looked into weight loss surgery as recommended by my doctor, I would rather do this then put myself through that. Any one who reckons that it is an easy option have no idea what they are talking about! Although I do have to say some of the people I know who have put themselves through this have wasted their chance as they are not making the drastic changes or not sticking to the changes they need to, so in my opinion have put themselves through all of that stress and pain for nothing. But as usual I will keep at it and try my best. Its not all doom and gloom I have managed to shift a couple of pound at least.

So to end this on a good note we finally told the kids about going back to Florida this September. We waited for Tylers 10th birthday party and got Captain Jack Sparrow to tell them. To say I have the most reserved and typically English children ever is an understatement. They didn't get excited until after they left lol.
 So every thing is ready for us leaving on the 29th for two weeks in the sun. Now that we have been before we are aware of what to do and what to expect for myself being in a wheelchair and Tyler who has ASD. There has been new things I have found out in my extensive research this time that I did not know the last time. Such as getting a wheelchair adapted room with a roll in shower, DAS and AAS passes for universal and Disney World for Tyler, making restaurants aware I am wheelchair bound prior to the meal,being able to order groceries delivered to your room and booking a Town Car for going off property so you don't have to drive or worry about accessibility. I have also decided to blog more about my experience traveling with my disability and various health issues as well as blogging more about my experience at University. They will be more pictures as well. This is in the hope that it will help people who are going through/been trough, friends and family's of any one who has any kind of disability or health issue  to know that life doesn't have to stop because of it no matter what the disability/health issue is.


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