Thursday, 12 March 2015


So Annabelle 16th birthday has came and gone already. Michael is coming up twenty one in less then a week and Eden ( my second eldest daughter ), turns nine the day after Mikey.

As well as getting crowned in Disney we took her for a meal in town. A restaurant called D'Aqua in Sunderland.

Now this restaurant does not have disabled access, in fact there is quiet a steep set of steps at the front of the premises. However upon ringing them they helped to solve the problem and told me that there would be no issues for me to use the kitchen access at the back of the building as it was ramped with one small step to negotiate,

The staff and owners bent over backwards for myself and to accommodate the wheelchair and where fantastic with the little ones as well. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they made the children feel welcome. even thought it is what I would class as a up market/ chic restaurant. As for myself I felt very comfortable and not once did they make me feel as if I was an inconvenience ! Bravo ! unfortunately there are not many places around where they bother to take into account your whole experience including how you feel and make you feel welcome.

So if you are looking for somewhere a little different and that little bit special I would defiantly give this place a go.

If you do have mobility issues like myself then do ring them They are very accommodating (within reason of course), and are more then happy to help if they can, The prices where good and the food quality was out of this world. My kids can be fussy eaters especially Tyler as he has sensory ASD, but they left nothing and even asked for more.
 The cake we had made for her by Bella Sweet delights, I will put the link for both the restaurant and Bella at the end of this blog should you be interested.

The limb center meeting about the bleeding stumps and coldness of the legs went better then expected. They are sending me for a scan of my legs as although they have a good pulse they could be a narrowing of the arteries or a blockage which is causing the issue.

This has had to be referred from the GPs  so as yet still waiting on an appointment.
The kitchen is now looking more like a kitchen. We finally got a sink back and cupboards to put things away. Still waiting on flooring but we do have the holes fixed with ply wood over the top, An extractor fan and tilling still need to be done so we can then decorate but still missing skirting boards.

This has now been on going for  6 or 7 weeks now so starting to get a little sick and tired of it all.

The last thing I want to mention is help for anyone who might be looking or thinking of going back to work.

Don't think that there is no help out there as if you need support, help with your travel needs or specialist equipment then it is available through Access to Work.

As well as this there is a little known about incentive for employers to take you on as well. There are funds available for the prospective employer to have adaptations done at no expense to them as well as money for taking you on. There is no cost to the employer for any help or equipment supplied. This can include things like chairs, desks or wrist rests and many more things.

Next time I will be reviewing the services used for Toyahs birthday, my charity head shave, Sun FM interview and help being put in place for the exams (hopefully ).

I would love feed back on this blog so please feel free to share and comment and if there is anything in particular you would like me to look into or have a question about then please let me know.

On a lighter note..when moving please remember to take the one break off you have put on as you will end up going round in circles..just like I did because I forgot !

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