Saturday, 23 July 2011

Epic Fail

Trying to battle through depression this week.  As you may have noticed.  I think being stuck in the house and finding my life at a standstill compared to what it is normally is finally taking its toll.  I have been focusing on everything that is wrong and trying to force things to move along that it has caused me to shed a lot of tears at the moment and put an extra ordinary amount of pressure on myself.

So the focus for this week is to try and ease up on myself, learn patience, and let things happen when they happen.  Not easy when your a control freak like I am.

Have upped the amount of excersise am doing so up to about an hour and a half every morning. Not too bad. Was weighed last week at the Freemans and OT came out with  the surveyor and there is nothing they can do to this house regarding access or bathing.  The only option was to do major structual work which means moving the kitchen into he dinning room and turning the kitchen into a wet room.  They have decided that this would be a waste of funds as we are apparently over crowded and would need to move soon any way.  So there idea is to look for a larger house....another move..great.

Been on the radio again this last week . Radio Newcastle (BBC) talking about over coming adversity, so think it might be about time I practised what I preached and looked for my inner strength.

Two appointments coming up this week one at the Freemans for my first fittings and Sunderland Royal to see the nurse practioner at the limb reconstruction clinic.  Lets up next week is better then this.

Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

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