Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Glimmering Light

First fittings where simple it was just taking measurements for of my stumps for the inner sleeve of the cup.  Found out that they have deceased in size thanks to the stump shrinkers, so now just waiting on the appointment to come through for the casting for the cup itself.  The system am getting prescribed  is I think called the lock and bolt system.  From what I understand I will wear a thin sock liner, in liner then the cup its self.  Then the leg will twist and lock into position using a type of bolt/fastener on the bottom of the cup.  No straps or carry on with them.  At the moment I will be still limited to the size heel I can wear but if I can lose the 2st required I will be able to have a more flexible foot where I can wear any shoe I want!!!!!

I can't even imagine what that will be like! Never in my life have I been able to do that, I just wish my mam was still alive to see it after all the years of pain she had, blaming herself for the way I was born and what I had to go through.  I think the biggest thing am looking forward to is buying a pair of knee high suede boots in the winter.  From being 14 I have wanted a pair of boots like that or the pirate ones, I can't wait.

Still not back at work yet although am hoping to get signed off to go back beginning of September.  Need to speak to OT yet as I may need to have a risk assessment carried out first, then need to speak to access to work to get taxis put into place to get me there  and back.  Have decided not to go for a WAV vehicle as it means putting in for  whole new / different type of car due to needing the wheelchair adaptations, so seeing as it will only (hopefully) be till October /November time then we have came up with a way of two people lifting me in and out the MPV we have.   This means that we can now go to Lego Land (courtesy of Allison from NEP), which will help keep the kids spirits up as they are stuck in the house as much as I am at the moment.

Port Orleans

this is where we are staying

wish it was now!!!
My silver lining at the moment is we have finally booked for the Clark family holiday to Florida (Disney ) in 2012 !!! Although am still having more bad days then good on the emotional front I try to keep this in mind.  We have made a count down calendar and when I feel things are starting to get on top of me  I look at it and remind myself why am doing what am doing, that everything I have done and am doing is for the better and worth it in the long run.  Just being able to do some of the simple things such as shoe shopping with my eldest daughter, dancing with my husband, playing in the park with the little ones and going on the attractions with them, keeping up with them , walking without pain...these are just a few of the things I will be able to accomplish by the time we go to Florida......I hope.........

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