Sunday, 27 November 2011


Things have not gone according to all !

Physiotherapy has and is being a slow process.  So far after 2 lessons a week over about 4 weeks all I have managed to do is stand for 35 seconds. The pain was so bad that we actually thought that the amputation had be carried out wrong which was a frighting thought.  I carried out some research and actually found out that the disability I was born with had a lot of other issues with it as well. To some degree this explained a lot for me and made sense of a lot of things in my life.  I also discovered what caused the disability and other issues that are linked that I was not aware of such as the curving of my bones and the deformity of my knee caps.
So armed with this new information off I went to see the Surgeon again.
After some X Rays and a consultation, it turns out that another amputation is not needed and the bones are not curved and luckily no bones sticking out either.

Even though am not happy with this, and it seems to negate the reason for the amputation, I have gone to the doctors and give in to get pain relief.  The doctor has given me Gabapentine and Naproxim .  The Gabapentine will hopefully block the messages from my brain to my stumps and I have to increase the dosage every couple of weeks until am on 900mg 3 times a day.  The Naproxim is for pain relief.  Theory is that after a couple of weeks the nerves will be deadened and any residue pain would be controlled.  This should enable me to stand and walk in my prosthetic s.

However the side effects are not great.  Not only am I trying to work and function stoned out of my mind, but I suffer dizziness, drowsiness, memory loss, mood swings and aggression as well as an increased appetite , just what I need when am battling with my weight!
After years of fighting against meds I have had to go down that road so am just hoping that it works.  My first Physio will be tomorrow when I have had a good chance to let the  medication take effect.

Every morning I get up at 5.30am and do my physio exercises, then I get up and put my legs on and do exercise with the legs on including tricep dips, pushing weight through the legs and leave them on for an hour so my stumps get used to wearing them, after this its off to work apart from a Monday when I go to physio then off to work. Its hard and I have to push myself but sometimes this is what you have to do isn't it?

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