Wednesday, 27 February 2013


So not coping too well with the staying at home thing until my health is better.

Applied for a job today, just local and part time but lets see how it goes. Other then that still waiting to hear from the rheumatologist, as still need the ultra sound on my hands and the results from the x rays and bloods.
In the mean time I have opted to down grade from the morphine back to Tramadol for pain relief.  Unfortunately this doesn't work as well as the others but it gives some relief and I am hoping along with the Amitriptyline and the sleep clinic and therapy, it works.

Still doing the physiotherapy in the mornings, now up to 45 minutes each time but  without them I have a lot of pain and great difficulty in moving.  Some mornings I can't. So at least the exercise keeps me moving... literally
This is where are hoping to stay the next time we go to Florida.  The weather there was amazing and really helped  my legs and arthritis  This was when I noticed how bad things had got.  Whilst in Florida not only did the aches disappear but my mobility increased dramatically. Upon return to the UK it seemed to hit me in a matter of days.  Not only did the pains come back ten fold but my mobility suddenly dropped.

The  stumps are not doing so well either, due ton so if swelling and circulation issues. Will eventually have to bite the bullet and go back to the limb centre to be remeasured and re fitted for my legs. The only concern is that due to my considerable weight gain I may not be able to wear prosthetics. Trying to lose the weight should be easy in my mind, but as most of you are already aware of, not so easy in reality. But lets keep trying. I was once told by my granddad that you get out of life what you put in so if you give 110% you will get 110% back. So every day I start again and try.

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