Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Well it is hard to believe that 5 month has gone by.

The road I have been  on has been a bumpy one to say the least, with lots of twists and turns along the way. The first thing I guess would be to mention what happened at the tribunal.  Well I lost but not after proving my point and making them very uncomfortable.  They turned up 6 suited and booted to my three, they had a lawyer I couldn't afford one so represented myself. His statements where contradicting and he even tried to say that I was in a wheelchair prior to this amputation which is untrue. Although I lost it felt really good to be able to take a stand for myself for a change and not be intimidated to back down.  The holiday was excellent!! Best thing ever and just what the doctor ordered for me.  Although the legs did blister and I had to spend at least one day with out my legs on, it did not put me off  from having fun and I have to say all the staff at the hotel and theme parks where very helpful so a big thank you and well done to Disney world. In fact they where so helpful that when we turned up we found out that they had put us on the second floor, bearing in mind I still cant do stairs. They immediately changed that for us and because the rooms where not wheelchair accessible ( although they where still roomy enough for me to get in and maneuver with my wheelchair) they provided a bath seat for me to use. The flight staff where brilliant with Thompson's as well we booked in premium economy for the extra leg room and it made all the difference to me. They where great with the wheelchair and the assistance on  and off the plane, getting rid of all the fears I had.  In fact I enjoyed the holiday so much we are planning to go back next year. Nearly all the rides where wheelchair or disabled access and everywhere we ate very accommodating  in fact so where all the shops and transport as well.
However, on my return things took a  turn for the worse.  Within two weeks of being back in the UK I started suffering with pains in my hands, fingers,wrists, shoulders and back. This was annoying to say the least as in Florida it had not effected me in fact the sunshine and the heat helped to improve my mobility greatly. Within a very short period of time I ended up on the sick and have since had to leave work altogether.  The doctors checked for rheumatoid arthritis as I already knew I had arthritis just not what type, but this came back negative.   I have tried liquid morphine, zoramorph and oxycontin which just ended up in server side effects and a lot of time staring at walls!
In the end I was referred to a rheumatologist at the hospital who thinks I may suffer from Fibromyalgia that is also causing chronic fatigue syndrome. To make sure they have x rayed my hands, taken more bloods and I am awaiting a ultra sound as well. Unfortunately this is something I will have for the rest of my life but symptoms can be elevated with exercise, help with sleep and medication as well as less stress and relaxation ( 6 kids(one being a hormonal teen), one dog, one cat and two kittens..really? they think I can cut stress out and relax). So the plan is they want me to attend a sleep clinic and start taking amitriptyline.  I already exercise every day due to the physio  I do and I am looking at ways to loose weight, so cross your fingers (cause I can't ) that it works.  I am hoping to get back to work once the pain of this is under control. Obviously the knock on effect it is having with my walking as using the crutches or wheeling myself around is extremely painful and it also can be connected to the pain I have in my stumps.
So at the moment  I am waiting to hear from the dole regarding ESA and have applied to University to study Psychology so hoping that comes through.
OOh before I go another thing to add to the list of things wrong I also have a stomach ulcer.....my life is great  :)

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