Sunday, 4 May 2014


This time at college has really flown by. In less than 5 weeks I will come to the end of my first year on my Extended Degree in Psychology. September will see me moving onto campus at St Peters and playing with the big boys.

I remember thinking that I would never understand any thing they where on about in Research Methods, IT or Algebra and Stats. Now look at me I am heading towards a first, Still don't understand but can do Algebra..if forced too!( still want to know why the letters, its wrong, so wrong, what do they stand for Apple, X for Xray? is it some secret mathematical Morse code or something?) Getting ready to sit a Stats exam and created, implemented and wrote a 20 page report on an experiment to do with memory for Research Methods with Joanne ( although must remember to call them "participants" and not "victims").

All joking aside, the last 9 month has been a hell of a ride for me and helped me develop, grow and become comfortable with who I am and where am at in my life. The best thing I ever did was leave the rat race and I now know that being in a wheelchair does not stop you from living your life to the full. Its not been an easy lesson and not every thing at college has been smooth. I still feel that they have a lot of kinks to iron out not just for disabled students but for everyone who takes a HE course as part of the University.

Friday sees me going across to the University for a visit to campus so I can get an idea of what faces me across their and to iron out any bumps. Also meeting with the staff and the DSA team who will help me with any needs I have. Promise to bring back photos ! Am thinking of taking on a more active role at University as well, getting more involved in things on campus. So I am applying to be a BPS student rep as well as looking at raising money/awareness for mental health with Jo by doing a lot of crazy and fun things during fresher week in September and last week of College( need to get permission first and work things out). But watch this space.

Not going to even mention my weight as am sulking about it and not speaking to my body ! but when I get out of my strop I will give you an update.

To be fair these last couple of weeks have been hard. I am currently fighting off an infection under my arm where an abscess burst and its making me feel rather ill, the sleep apnea seems to be getting worse, so too the arthritis and am swelling up like a balloon due to the fibro. So i think I can forgive myself a little here for not being hyper good with  the food and exercise.

But a bit of good news to end. I can now walk into the sitting room or to the bathroom without using my crutches or the chair. Its progress, slow, but at least its something. :)

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