Thursday, 28 May 2015


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It was my birthday on the 21st ( don't ask the age), and was spoilt rotten lots of lovely presents and both dinner and tea bought for me. On the downside ended up in the emergency dentist to be told that I have at least one abscess on my broken back tooth. The pain was agony. Three days of no sleep and constant pain left me losing time and no chance to revise for my last exam on Wednesday. But sitting in the dentist it came to mind how it would work regarding me being in a wheelchair? Once in the dentists surgery he didn't even ask if I could get out of the wheelchair he just told me to get in the dentist chair. No help, no we can work round this nothing. What would have happened if I had said that I couldn't?Another issue I came across was accessibility to the premises. Most of the emergency dentists that where recommended to me by the 111 service all had stairs up into or down into a sub level business with no disability entrance.There was also no access to bathroom or surgery.
I ended up leaving with  a prescription for antibiotics and told to have the tooth removed. No I am having the same issue trying to find a dentist to register with who can fit me in sooner rather then later that has access to the building.

Better news on my birthday was the fact that Tyler had his review at hospital over his legs. About a year ago he was diagnosed with Tibia Torshin. We where told that he would be given innersoles to try and help correct the condition but if not then it could result in having to have both his legs broken, Well after his review we where told that the surgeon would rather wait until Tyler is old enough to make his own decisions about whether or not he wanted correction surgery . It still may correct itself, but it is not a genetic throwback from my Talipes which was what I was really worried about. It turns out that it is a condition that most sprinters suffer from. It was at this point the penny dropped and we knew  that it was part of Tylers constant running backwards and forwards he does on a night time due to his ASD.

Saturday although in a haze of pain and painkillers it was a special day. Annabelle's prom. She went to the spa to have her nails and hair done then a good friend of mine did us a huge favor and traveled over to the house to professionally do her make up. She looked so Grown up !!!
She wore the dress that we got her last year from Florida and her hairband we bought her from the Chinese pavilion at Epcot in Disney. finished off with black shoes and handbag and one of my costume jewelry necklaces and she looked amazing. Although am not too sure I like the idea of my little girl being all grown up. David dropped her off and he was like a proud peacock showing off his beautiful daughter, bragging to anyone who would listen.

One of the many things I miss due to my health conditions are the little things the most. Like taking my daughters shopping or having mother daughter meals and trips away, walking on the beach feeling the sand under my feet or going in the sea. That is just to name a few.I ended up back at the doctors as well due to the Tramadol and Paracetamol no longer having an effect on the pain. I have ended up with also being put on Nefopam, a painkiller am not familiar with on top of the rest to see if that doesn't. The doctors told me that I am going to have to face up to the hard truth, that sooner rather then later am going to end up on the harder drugs for the pain. Things like the Oxycontin, Zoramorph and Oramorph. I will keep on going and fighting until I no longer can before I move onto these drugs full time. Because once I do any dreams of trying to work are gone.
I am having an ultra sound done on my armpit as well as a lump has been found and unfortunately there is a terrible history of Cancer amongst the females on my mothers side. Both my sister and niece have been diagnosed with cancer of the cervix and breast and now my niece is awaiting news about a shadow that has been found on her bladder. As usual still waiting for an ultra sound on the stumps but my appointment for my neck and back is through for the 24th of June, not that I need to be told I have anything else wrong with me !!

To end on a positive note school is out! I have completed my final exam of this year and have now broke up from University for the summer. Four and a half month of doing what I want..kind of. Pleased to say I passed my last media presentation so fingers crossed it will be a pass and proceed in July.


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