Sunday, 5 July 2015


So Tyler's transition into comprehensive is going well. Too well, he has really enjoyed the couple of days he has spent at the school looking around and taking part in all the activities. However am wondering if it is going to be a different story once he is there full time, having to mix with the older kids and change classes all the time, learning a totally different routine. Biggest problem with him having ASD is that he does not cope well with his routine being changed.
I worry about how he is going to cope with the changing routine, the overload on his senses of sights, sounds and smells, the amount of people there are going to be. Any one of these is a potential for a meltdown for Tyler. That's not even mentioning the bully's , you know how cruel kids can be when they find out you are different to them. I certainly do. Having vivid memories from my School days at comprehensive. Constantly feeling left out, on the edge, unliked and used for peoples verbal punch bags when they felt down about themselves. Various cat calls of "spaca" " granny boots" "freak" and "cripple". Maybe am just being over sensitive because of what I have gone through, after all his differences are not physical, but even though things have supposedly moved on etc etc kids can still be cruel little gits when they want to be.
Maybe am just being a typical mum but I can't help but wonder if we are in for a rough ride when he starts school.

This brings me to the think about the difference between what is meant between "disabled" and "accessible". In this country disabled and accessible seem to mean the same thing.  Although there has been some hotels in London when we where looking to book somewhere for the London Film and Comic Con that seemed to stretch the idea of both. One hotel thought that when they listed their hotel as disabled friendly it did not matter that disabled access only meant that it was a wide foyer and automatic doors but that there where a  couple of steps at the front to access the building in the first place. When questioned about disabled access into the building, I was told that there was no ramp but if I could not manage the 6 steps outside ( bearing in mind I had already told them I was in a wheelchair and could not do stairs) then some of their staff would come and lift me in....really??? No. I dont think so.  "Disabled" toilets have both grab rails and raised toilets as well as lower sinks and wider doors for wheelchairs. The same with accessible buildings. They have automatic doors, bigger lifts and ramps. But the same thing is not true for other countries.
This has been noticeable when I have been travelling to America. In Orlando Accessible means a slightly bigger toilet with a grab rail and a slightly higher toilet, but not actually big enough to go in with a wheelchair. If you are a wheelchair user then you need to ask where a Disabled bathroom is which is then big enough for a wheelchair to get in and position/ turn around, lowered sink and hand dryer and a higher toilet and raised toilet seat and grab rails.
Bear in mind the toilets in Florida are a lot lower then in the UK so when I say the toilet is higher it means that it is about the size you would get in this country. But not every country has facilities for disabled people regardless if they are in a wheelchair or not. So I suppose we should be grateful that we do in the UK.
But are you like me? I get frustrated when you have a large male and female toilet block but only two disabled bathrooms and people still insist on using the disabled ones, even when there is no line in the other ones. This is  because they want to do their makeup and talk to  their friends or they just can't be bothered to walk the extra few steps  to the other toilets. I never have a problem with some one with a pram or small toddler especially if it is a dad out on his own with the little one . Using the disabled toilet in that situation is fair enough in my opinion. I don't know whats worse though the fact when they come out they wont look you in the eye or they come out head held high and completely blank you as if you don't exist and you are not sitting there at all !

But that is my ramblings for today. Another busy week behind me and another one ahead of me. Pain killers still not working so guess its back to the docs for that. More issues with the hands so cooking is now becoming an issue for me and any work I do have to do am finding that I am fitting it in as and when the pain and swelling allows me. The event for The Psych Twins is coming along nicely and we have been very lucky with the prizes we have been donated so far. Now we are just waiting for the printers then we can look at doing the promotion in the Bridges. Forced to look at new cars by the hubby as our mobility car is due to be renewed and preparing myself for the mayhem that will soon be the summer holidays.

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