Friday, 24 July 2015


So it begins. The long war of the six week holidays. We are only at the end of the first week and already am feeling slightly frazzled.
Good job I had the two night break down the metro centre with the just the hubby. Recharge my batteries with retail therapy and us time.It was lovely! The Marriott was lovely. They give us an accessible room although  am not 100% convinced it was. The door to the room was difficult to get through unless you where angled straight on, but the room was very spacious and a huge king size bed. The bathroom was big and the toilet had grab rails and an emergency cord but the bath was not accessible and no bath board or seat was supplied.
The room was next to the lift which I had also requested and access into the building was great although, disabled car parking spaces were limited.

 The Metro Centre as you would expect, very disabled friendly, but some of the shops left a lot to be desired regarding access and help. Shops such as HMV was laid out great for someone in a wheelchair or with a pram. Other shops where more then happy to help if space was limited for example by moving racks out of the way or getting what you needed. However there where shops such as Topshop who where no help what so ever. Getting into the shop to look at clothes was ok but once in maneuvering around the racks of clothes was a complete nightmare! Forget trying to have a look at the sales rack and trying to get to the check out to pay, well not unless you can bend time and space. There was a complete lack of help and those staff who where around did not offer any help what so ever. In fact their nails and cuticles looked of great interest to them whilst I was in the shop. Upon asking the assistant behind the cash desk why the access was so restrictive for some one in a wheelchair or with a pram I was told that it was down to head office and how much stock had to go out on display. The only thought I had leaving the shop was maybe if you have a pram or are in a wheelchair then you are not allowed to be fashionable!

But that brings me to people in general. I don't think I will ever understand the human race no mater how long I study Psychology. People can be so generous, kind and helpful and this sometimes takes my  breath away, but then you have people who can be so narrow minded, down right nasty and selfish. What happened to this society? They used to be a time when people would help each other out especially in their own community. Today people seem so hell bent on their own selfish lives. Every one is entitled to there own opinions but today people seem to think that their opinion is the only one that matters and woe betide any one who differs. They are shouted down, belittled and ridiculed. There was an article on people who Cosplay and attended London Film and Comic Con. Now as stated before people are entitled to their own opinion about this. Some people might think its silly or sad but then again these people  might watch Big Brother which I personally find moronic and sad, but I would not ridicule, poke fun or belittle  these people for that. However this "journalist" (and I use the term lightly) thought that it was fair enough to have open season on the Cosplayers. Not at their costumes or their inaccuracies if any but at the actual people. Ridiculing their tattoos, size and the fact they liked to Cosplay . In fact calling them " oompa lumpas". Some Cosplayers from iCoslay who support a campaign for anti bullying penned a reply. Today this journalist published his response and yet again could not keep civil about it. Telling them that they are sad and if they insist on playing dressy up then people where free to make fun of them and pick on them and that was not bullying.
So if that is not bullying what is? Isn't bullying about ridiculing, belittling or picking on people for being different? Race, skin colour, size, hair colour, physical ability, any one poking fun for these reasons at a minority group would surly be classed as bullying, so why did this journalist think that what he was doing acceptable and NOT bullying. Because I look different in my wheelchair, with prosthetic legs and belong to a minority group does that give people the right to ridicule me? In this day and age every one is preaching about understanding, inclusion, standing up to stigma but how can we do this when our own so called press find it acceptable to put people down for this? Whether it is physical disability, mental health or Cosplaying the stigma needs to be removed across the board.YES I am a wheelchair user, YES I have suffered from depression and sometimes still do, YES I have no legs and YES I enjoy Cosplaying when going to film and comic conventions.
I am not ashamed of any of these things, why should I? Take me or leave me but this is ME, this is who and what I am. I will not be made to feel ashamed for any of it just because I do not fit into someones idea of normal. What is normal any way? Is any one normal? This journalist is an avid football supporter does this give me a right to tear into him in a public forum or a national newspaper and ridicule his size when he wears his football colours, how he does his hair, his age or the fact he should grow up and get a life (one of his other response lines in the article), instead of cheering on men kicking a ball around a field, swearing at the ref or chanting silly songs to the opposing side?It should not surprise you to find out that this same journalist ridiculed the disabled  and has had numerous complaints against him. He kind of reminds me as a male version of Katie Hopkins to be honest.

The event I am co hosting in October is just about getting together, having fun and at the same time raising money for a worth while cause. I have managed to get the help of some fantastic Cosplayers to help promote the event and take part in the evening entertainment, all free of charge, all given up their time. Their costumes are fantastic, the time, money, sweat, blood (literally if they where sewing by hand ) and tears that went into creating these masterpieces , all paid for out of their own pockets. They are coming with me to visit the Young carers as well to give the kids a treat and a chance to have their photos taken. This is more help then the press, celebrities and even companies have offered. (I have to mention here though that Sun FM , my local radio station, have been very supportive). Who would have thought that any business, after all that is what the newspaper is, would want to be associated with a small minded, bigoted person who represents and is the face of their company?

The one thing I have learnt from doing this event is every one and I mean EVERYONE wants their cut. The venue, the celebrities, the agents, fundraising sites even some of the companies who "offer" donations for prizes. Then you have company's like The Prop Store who send you a collectible worth £200 with out a blink of an eye. The celebs are the worst, I now have an appreciation for Showmasters and Rouge Events as to why they charge so much for tickets and autographs. Some demands including  'lunch money' and  cars to all airports as well as first class flights and two hotel rooms,  just adds to an already extortionist fee for attending these things and it being for charity does not count for squat. In fact they will stand there and shout your cause to the rooftops without knowing or caring anything about it as long as the price is right. I understand that they have to make a living but some of these Celebrities are making more then enough with out charging through the nose for the fans to met them.

 I feel privileged if they even bother to reply to my emails !

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