Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Things have been a little hectic since going back to university.

Every thing going well, lots of reading of psychology books as you would expect, assignments already starting to come out of the woodwork and this year we have a new support worker, Gail. There was no issues getting the taxis sorted back out and things seem to be running smoothly at uni for a change although debating the psychology of religion is interesting. However I cant say that in other areas of my life.

My farther, since being diagnosed with mixed dementia just before I returned to uni, has received no help what so ever. In fact the social worker that was assigned to him decided that because she saw dishes in the sink and assumed (wrongly) that meant he had eaten that day (in fact those dishes had been there for a number of days, that she saw no rubbish (because my sister had cleaned the house just days before, which we told her) and she could not smell any bodily smells ( will leave that one to your imagination), then he was capable of making his own decisions. This even though the CPN who was there knew the consultant from the Dementia clinic had declared that just looking at him any one could tell he was "not all there ". Lovely man (insert sarcasm here). Don't even get me started on the way he treat and talked to my dad.

So we are slowly watching his money going missing, his house going to wrack and ruin and him not changing his clothes or eating because we can not get help for him. This all due to this social workers recommendations on him being capable.

So that on top of uni work. Then you need to add on my health getting worse.

 With the onset of the colder weather now in the UK ,my joints and mobility are getting worse and so are my stumps. Already on paracetamol, Nepfom and Tramadol. So after ringing the doctors I was put on Oramorph 5 - 10ml every four hours. Not a good thing for uni. Have been taking 2.5 ml in the hope that I could get away with that. Nope. Needed to up it to 5 ml a couple of days ago. This made university very interesting yesterday. We where doing a spot on visual attention, so here's me high on medication trying to count how many Blues are in the song Blue by Eiffel 64 at the same time trying to find Wally.......I think I was an outlier....it was a very trippy effect to say the least but the lecture found it amusing to say the least. Today I have woke up with a swollen  right stump and purple spots all over the bottom of my stump. Putting the liner on is like a million shards of glass in my skin and that's before putting weight through the leg. My initial thought is a reaction to the Morphine due to upping the dose. So off I come. The pain is unbearable, but am grinning through it like I always do, hoping that tomorrow its manageable and I can get into uni. I have an assessment on the 4th of November for an electric wheelchair, which if I get it will make my life so much easier giving me so much more independence.

So now we have uni work, dad with dementia and pain increase. Then you need to add the event in the mix.

Last Saturday we held a promotion at The Bridges in Sunderland . This was to promote the Halloween Monster Masquerade Ball on the 31st at the Stadium of Light, but also to promote what The Psych Twins do.
The response was fantastic and in just little over a week we have had 700 new visitors to the site. We are thrilled. The final preparations are in place now, balloons for the tables booked, decorations for the room ordered and costumes bought. I am going as Cruela De Vile. I have even bought a Dalmatian cuddly toy to hold and stroke so am going to look like Blowfelt from James Bond....just with no legs, well plastic legs..you know what I mean.

For information on our event go to https://www.facebook.com/events/417935758373799/

Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/psychtwinsfundraising

Twitter https://twitter.com/psychtwins

Website http://thepsychtwins.bravesites.com/

If you would like to donate to The Psych Twins http://www.jumblebee.co.uk/post/trvDZTEUem

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