Monday, 21 February 2011

Another Week

well its the start of another week and still waiting for the letter to come through from the hospital.  Trying to put it out of my mind but that isn't happening . I can feel the tension rise everyday, and my temper is getting shorter and shorter. Waiting for the vouchers from slimming world so haven't been to "fat club" yet, but the fight with the food especially the pringles goes on .  As you probably know by now been on our local news so all good to get the word out there for all amputees to be heard

Had North East Press sign me to a contract to see if any publications want the story. the log on you tube is doing well and have a few followers there so hopefully that will help the cause as well.Have been asked to do one on stump care which will be the focus of my next one.

Work is going well but not heard back from my boss yet regarding the sick pay or time. Still working  hard on the pilates but nothing happening yet bar sore muscles.

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