Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Apointment

Well the appointment its self with the consultant was brief to say the least but the waiting around and getting x rays took longer. He has x rayed both legs and knees, nothing was said regarding and degrading of the knee joints. So assuming that this is a good sign the amputation will go ahead. Talked briefly with the consultant about the operation and what to expect,then signed the consent form. Couldn't stop my hand from shaking !!.
He didn't know what the ERTL procedure was but described how he was going to do it.It will be both legs together and he will be taking them 10cm from the knee joint.
He thinks it will be general anesthetic and ICU for maybe the first 24/48 hours. After that general ward I guess.
Pain relief after the operation will be down to the anesthetist but he thought I would be in hospital for at least  2 weeks. Again it will depend on how mobile I am and how soon.
The other factor is having my head in the right place after as well. 6 weeks after the stitches have been removed I should be fitted for my first prosthetics. He doesn't know if he will use staples or sutures  on the wounds yet.

Now the important will be early May or maybe even mid April when I go in..eek !!!!

So have started in earnest with the exercises. As well as doing the physio excesses for my legs ,I have also started to do Thai Chi and Pilate's .Also bought a dance keep fit DVD to have a go at..

I have been naughty this weekend and after Thursday have had a bit of a blow out but all said and done have lost another 1lb. Now down to 17st 9lb...but hopefully this will increase now that am trying more seriously.
Have spoke to OT and wheelchair services and apparently they cant access me for a different wheelchair or any aids until after the amputation..stupid really. So trying out my other wheelchair but no idea if its what I will need.
Need to start getting everything ready for the hospital ,the letter should come through at least 5 weeks before with the date and am speaking to work on Monday.They will take me in the morning of the operation but I wont be able to  speak to the anesthetist until the morning of the operation.
Have spoke to the health visitor regarding Toyah going to nursery ready for me going in and have also spoke to the DWP about money. Have also got an appointment with the GP regarding anything they can help with referrals etc. Writing to the kids schools to let them know what is going to happen and hopefully get there support ...although Edens and Tyler's school probably wont they still give us problems if I am having a bad day with my legs and we run 5 Min's late with them. They have threatened to  start attendance procedures over this !!

ooh well let the countdown begin....

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