Sunday, 30 January 2011


well I go on Thursday to see the surgeon to find out what the plan is about the amputation. All I actually know is that it will be below the knee and both legs are to be amputated at the same time.So most of this week will be writing down questions to ask when I go as well as doing research on some of the links you have sent me.

I am getting really nervous now.Don't know how long I will have to wait before I get a date to go in, but getting emotional every time I think about it. One of the advantages of being married to a photographer is I am going to ask him to do some pictures of my legs and of me before the amputation.

After seeing the surgeon on Thursday I am hoping to have a time line at least so I can start getting more serious regarding the weight lose which is  going OK but could be better. I also need to get more active. The appointment is in the morning so already explained to work that I wont be in for that day as am expecting it to be quiet an emotional appointment as well.

Mental note to ones self: need to contact wheel chair services and OT on Friday as well.......

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