Monday, 3 January 2011


I mentioned to people that I would start keeping a blog to record everything on the run up to my re amputation.So where  to start? the beginning I guess. I was born with Congenital Bilateral Talipes of both feet and resulted in numerous amounts of operations and time in hospital. This intailed missing out on school a lot ,fun and building lasting friendships. It also entailed a lot of bullying,not being able to play sports and a feeling of being alone.School was DEFINITELY not my happiest days. I had to wear calipers when younger utill the age of 11 years old. The hospital moved me on to surgical boots made by Peacocks. My mam was a very special person as she never stopped me from attempting anything.In fact she encouraged me to be independent and try new things. Unfortunately what held me back the most was peoples attitudes towards me and my disability due to lack of understanding and fear. Aged 35 things took a turn for the worst and I had to go back to hospital to confer with a consultant.My mobility was starting to get worse and so was the pain. At that point I was given two choices,wheelchair or amputation.After a quiet word with Mr Jack Daniels and my family who Where Me David, Michael,Annabelle and Tyler we opted for the amputation.With in months of  this news we found out I was pregnant again with Eden so things where put on hold and 3 months after she was born I went in for the amputation called the Symes amputation, opting to have both feet done at the same time. Unfortunately at the time I didn't bother keeping a record of my thoughts,feelings or how it effected me and my family. In fact even though we had done as much research into it as we could we where still not prepared for what was to come or how it changed us. In fact dare  I say I felt more disabled afterwards then I had before.The world and society viewed things differently again. I wish I had kept some form of record back then hence starting this.

If you read this or indeed decided to follow my meanderings then hopefully it will give some insight into what its like to be different,a better understanding of disability's, or courage,comfort and support if it is something you or a family member are going through, have gone through or about to go through.

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