Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Its Arrived

Well it arrived this morning. The dreaded appointment  to see the surgeon. This appointment will be to plan out the amputation and the after care. Things that I will be looking at and discussing with him will be ;
length of time in hospital?
how long between operation and getting new legs?
what can I expect?
How long will I be off work?
What are the risks?

And the big one....when will I be brought in to have it done?

As am getting both done together and with it beginning a below the knee it could mean a longer stay in hospital.
Unlike the last time if offered the choice I think this time I will stay awake, mainly out of curiosity.

Its came as a shock as I was not expecting an appointment this soon after seeing them at the Freeman's.So mixed feelings at the moment......

Appointment is the 3rd of  February.

Also if its  of interest to any one been asked by many people to start a Video blog. Will be starting this on Saturday hopefully .

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