Monday, 3 January 2011


So  to follow on from my shaky beginnings I had a Symes Amputation, which is a through foot or through ankle amputation. Simply put I have no feet.The amputation was named after the Doctor who invented the technique in Scotland.
It was difficult. I spent only a week in hospital but that was because am stubborn ! I used a wheelchair for a long time and didn't want to go out in it. I suppose it relates back to the whole feeling more disabled then I was before.I was suddenly conscious of my situation and went through bouts of depression and not wanting to leave the house. I had never had to rely on any one or anything else before!

I customised my chair
It took a lot longer then expected to get back on my feet (excuse the pun). I became pregnant with my 5th child Trinity which delayed things even longer and had to have heparin injections every day from 6 month to stop blood clots. Let me tell you being pregnant and in a wheelchair is a lot harder then you may think!
I shopped for my first shoes, ever, in my life  soon after that which was an experience and a half. Having the amputation first time around took a lot of my self confidence and self esteem so I piled on the weight through comfort eating. So that combined with no exercise and carrying baby weight my size ballooned. I then found out I was pregnant with my last child Toyah and had just started to walk again,getting out the house a little bit etc I was determined to remain on my own legs and not back in the wheelchair again during this pregnancy and that is just what I managed to do although I still had to have heparin injections from 6 months on.

This brings me up to date.......well almost..........I started back at work early 2010 part time which helped my confidence no end and my Independence as I use the metro rather then help that is available. I go shopping around the town although stairs are still an issue, so I use ramps and lifts instead and I do have to have plenty of rests. Exercise is a pain. Anything involving jumping is out..tried it cant, kicking..tried it nearly killed the 50 inch plasma TV and the hubby, kneeling go cant get down on the floor let alone kneel in these false legs, or lifting legs high..restricted movement due to type of prosthetic as it comes up to my knee.
I have been out clubbing once..nearly killed my self..but had a lot of fun, but still don't get out as often as I would like. I am always conscious more then ever of how to approach things and where I am going for access and can I get in/out etc.

Just before Xmas my GP referred me back to the hospital due to increasing pain in my lower back,hips and legs and the pain and numbness I feel in my stumps. The only way to describe it is like when you have lost the feeling in your hand or foot and you get really bad pins and needles...x10 and include white hot stabbing pain and the feeling of your skin being too tight and you come close !
Part of the reason for having the symes was over very short distances you should be able to walk on the end of the stumps with prosthesis..I all. So after speaking to the consultant who carried out the operation the first time a second amputation below the knee seems the  only option .

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