Monday, 3 January 2011


So am awaiting an appointment to see the consultant again so that we can plan the amputation. Going again for both legs at the same time. Have an appointment on the 13th of this month with the Limb Center at the Freemans to discuss physo and legs. I need them to write to the surgeon to concur with the decissions for the amputation for some reason.
So in the meantime am trying my best to get fitter and lose weight..not easy am ADDICTED to pringles. I dont smoke or drink any more so thats not bad. Stopped using marge and buying coffees from starbucks on the way from the metro to work. Not on a diet so much as trying to eat better, hopefully it will help when i come to go back under the knife and with my rehab after. The surgeon reackons 3 month from going under to  back up and fully functional. At least I wont be stuck for fancy dress ideas if am ever invited to a party. If I get metal legs I could go as Robocop or even Terminator..well..just a thought......
Actually the thought of this one scars me and David even more, not sure why. I keep trying to imagine what its going to be like and how much different things are going to be..but I cant. I hope the doctor is right and it is only 3 month.Not looking forward to going back in that wheelchair and I want to be able to get back to work asap. Knocked the holiday to Florida on the head this year for Davids 30th as we have no idea when I will be going in , so unless I get/win a substancial amount of money where it enables us to go instantly,then it will be next year now. Hopefully though we will be able to get away for short breaks throughout the year with the kids which will make things easier on the kids.
Thats another thing. How do you tell your kids mammy is going in to get her legs chopped off?Not so bad with the oldest two but the others are too little. At the moment they accept that mammy has no feet and has to put them on but what happens when I go into hospital?
Guess that  will be another bridge to cross when I get to it. At the moment its waiting to see what they say on the 13th and trying to get healther and fitter . Going to get weighed on Friday as well so you may hear my screams.
My amputation about 3 years later

Learing to walk again

horrible really

they get covered in Nora Batty Tights so I cover them in Groovey socks
watch this space as they say.

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