Monday, 24 January 2011

Pain Relief

 Unfortunately they don't take the pain away but make it bearable for me to do what I need to do during the day,and to help if in pain on a evening to get some sleep. If I was to take anything stronger then I wouldn't be able to work as I would be living in cloud cuckoo land !! These painkillers are great if you are not working as they don't just make it bearable but you are totally pain free...then again your totally not living in reality either lol.

Starting to look for reasons why I shouldn't go ahead with this amputation. I am not afraid to admit that am Scared. But having looked at and ruled out other possibilities, it only leaves the amputation. Especially if I want to lead a normal, active lifestyle and still work. I guess the main reasons is having the actual operation, I have an allergic reaction to dying lol, and having to start over again, the impact on the family and the kids...that's just to name a few.

Anyway I digress ! The doctor has weighed me and am 17st 7lb and is referring me for weight loss and exercises on prescription..what ever that is only problem is we have no idea how long the waiting list is for either. So eating healthy and trying to get the right exercises programme for me is still the best. Going to look for a good palliates DVD on Friday as physio have recommended that type of exercises as the best.

I would like to say thank you to all of you who have given me advice and for showing your support for me during this time and also for your support with this blog and the Vlog. With out you guys I wouldn't know what I should be asking on the 3rd.
I just hope other people get some comfort and support from this and the YouTube thing,or at least a better understanding of living ,not just with an amputation, but a disability in general.with my unique twist on things I am hoping to show people that its not all doom and gloom, that its your perspective on it and how you live your life with it that counts, and of course that no matter what or who you are you can do and be anything you want!!

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