Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Things to Prepare

well now that the pain issue has  settled down I need to look towards what I need to do to get ready for the amputation.  At least this time am well prepared in knowledge but still need to do research into various things.I would recommend this for any one going through major surgery of any sort !

I need to contact Wheelchair services as the wheelchair I have may not be the right kind.Possibly a weighted wheelchair or a one with a deeper / longer seat may be required.
Another thing on my to do list is get in touch with OT (occupational Therapy).  They will need to come out and assess what if anything needs to be done around the house,We should be OK as all the doors are wide enough for the wheelchair and my bedroom and bathroom are down stairs.
The biggest thing I need to do now is lose the weight and build up the strength for my quads and upper body. Easier said then done!! I am trying to eat as healthy as possible but need to cut out my biggest evil which is the crisps.
Lets hope I can

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