Sunday, 16 January 2011

after the Freemans...whats next?

Doing well with the change in eating . Trying not to think of it like a diet because I never get very far on those and they seem drastic. Having my last blow out before i really need to get serious with this as it was my daughters 12th birthday so took her away on a shopping trip over night. Now its back to reality and digesting what as been discussed at the Freeman.

Saw a vascular surgeon, prosthetic fitter and the physio all in one meeting. They ran through the reasons for my re amputation ,which are wanting to keep working, staying active for the kids,and staying mobile and hopefully if not pain free then better then what i have at the moment.. They looked at other options such as new prosthesis, or even using a pain clinic but new legs/feet wont help the pain and as for the pain clinic the options aren't good. Once they realised that i had a sensible head on my shoulders and i knew what i was talking about they agreed that the amputation below knee was the best option although not to be taken lightly. They had a first wanted me to do one leg at a time, but as i pointed out that was no good to me with having the little ones around and a job. So after more talk it was agreed that both together would be the best.

Saying that though there is a 50/50 chance that it wouldn't work.

so choices are:

Give up work, lead a more sedentary lifestyle and take DF118s,codeine or stronger permanently therefore being permanent space cadet.

Don't take the mind altering drugs, go into a wheelchair ,give up work and lead a more sedentary life style

have the amputation and take the risk.

The risks are:

not loosing enough weight to be able to use them
hip,back and knees being too far gone for them to make a difference or indeed to enable me to walk
lived with pain for so long now that its ingrained on my psychic and afterwards its became phantom pain there fore still suffering and still end up in a wheelchair and no better off
stumps don't heal properly or get infected
not enough strength to lift the legs

Am looking at a long rehab after this and a lot of hard work. Need to sort out a strict meal plan I can stick too and an exercise programme it has been suggested that I use Palaties to build up my  core strength also need upper body strength and my quads built up as well.

so a lot of hard work ahead.
watch this space.

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