Saturday, 22 January 2011

some so good news some not so good news

Haven't had a good week of it with pain. Made the terrible mistake of running out of painkillers! As any person who has a medical issue will tell you its the last thing you want to happen. So as the week has progressed then the amount of pain killers in my system dwindled and by Wednesday I was fighting to stay mobile.Managed to get to work but by the Thursday it was a no go.The stumps could not take any more.I have also noticed that the abrasion's on my knees seem to be getting worse which is now causing major issues for the  wearing of the legs. Wonder if other amputees suffer from something like this? Using E45 cream to help it .
this is the state of my knees been using E45
On the positive side I have an appointment with my Doctors on Monday for pain killers. I have also been told that I may qualify for free gym classes and diet classes through my doctors to help me.Got weighed again this week and have only lost a pound ( although probably put that back on now) but have lost 5% body fat which am happy with.

David is going to do some more photos of my legs and stumps before I go into hospital to record the shape etc as trying to think back now before the last amputation I can barley remember what it was like with my feet,which as weird as it sounds is sad.

Also starting the whole "YouTube" channel as well so will post a link to that when done as more useful information links that I come across. I have also included today some close up of my stumps current scars as requested.They show scaring from previous operations I had due to the Disability and you can see why they don't really work for walking on or weight bearing with out the legs.

these photos show my right stump. You can see the scars from previous operations as well as a pressure point/ lump I seem to have

these images or of my left stump

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