Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Back To Reality

Well first day back to work and lucky for me no snow as that causes major issues for my walking. Changed shoes in the hope that it will help my walking as the legs I have at the moment are rigid. that is to say that the foot has no flexibility at all. So what is a unnotacable incline for most people can feel like climbing a steep hill.
Didnt sleep well cold effecting all my joints so breakfast included strong painkillers. But 3 out of 6 kids back to school today and house work done so getting ready for work now. Thought i was going to have a relapse on the pringle front but didnt..3 days without if i make it through the day and have also stopped drinking diet pepsi as well. Still not looking forward to getting weighed on friday

these links explain about the condition I was born with. Although in 1969 there was less aware so as well as the stints at night I endured multiple operations through out my life. Just to be straight about this Talipies dose not always end In amputation.


The two above links explain more about Symes amputation.

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