Tuesday, 11 January 2011

weight and diet

well its done. Got weighed on Friday just gone and not as bad as I thought..bad enough but could have been worse.  17st 11lbs ! so I need to lose as much weight as possible before the amputation but my ideal weight is no heavier then 10st . I also need to start building up strength in my upper body because from what i understand am going to need more strength for transferring etc.

Going to start doing some research as well to find out what to expect although I must confess i have no idea what half the abbreviation's mean !

Should find out more on Thursday what to expect and should have an appointment to go see the consultant at the hospital again soon.

Nervous about Thursday already warned my work mates that I may be in a bad mood or at least a bit of a grump when i get in to work. not only will i have had to try and explain what am feeling and what the pain feels like, but am also going to be prodded and poked when am already in pain.

I really don't know how to explain the pain to you. Imagine that you have sat in one place for far too long and you have the worst case of pins and needles in your feet. then imagine that there are shooting pains racing up your foot and leg that feels like your being stabbed over and over again ,on top of the pins and needles, with cold ice. Then when you try to walk on top of this you get white hot pain searing through your feet and it feels like your wearing a pair of shoes too tight that if you could just sit down and take them off it would help the pain..only its not shoes but your skin that feels too tight and you have an elastic band tied around your stump, cutting off the circulation...well that's what it feels like for me 24/7, even at rest and in bed. sometimes having the legs off and laying with my legs up helps, but some times when i have had a really busy day with the kids,housework and work, my stumps and legs jump and go into spasms.

You can throw in the knee aches and hip pain as well as lower back pain on top of this . That's the best I can do to describe it. Will up date on or after Thursday

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