Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Trying Hard

No body probably reads these but its good for me to be able to put this out there just in case some day some one needs help and doesn't know where  to look..

Still nothing from the hospital.Still dreading the sound of the letter box in the morning. Started doing Thia Chi every morning, leg lifts,free weights and pilates every other day. Boy not that I could do much of the excersises but what i did do has left me sore and for  45 minute routine it feels like i have done a 3 hour intense gym session !! Also started trying to use the stairs at work.So far i walk up one flight and when i finish down one flight Have started  taking vitamins. something for my immune system,something for keeping  the joints supple,omega 3,and sea kelp for my blood and thyroid.

Changed the eating patterns although not doing so well saying no to the pringles. But trying to watch the calories in everything i eat and off to slimming world tomorrow with Katy so a weigh in. Must be doing some good as the blokes at work they have mentioned that i  look as if am slimming down.

Need to get the district nurse with regards to getting referred for  equipment for after the operation. On a positive note the health visitor has referred Toyah to nursery so just waiting for that to come through.

I swear its as if the stumps know there going to get cut off !! had a bad week with pain been hammering the painkillers but going to try and ease up on them. Kind of got stuff sorted at work will be working at home when ready after the operation.
will be  doing the  vlog soon.

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