Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Well went to the doctors regarding the arthritis issue. My biggest concern is whether or not it will impact me having a BKA. He didnt have a clue. In fact the whole appointment was a waste of both his and my time.
All he wanted to concentrate on was me having the amputation and if I was doing the right thing. According to him am walking fine ( this judged from the short walk from the waiting room to his office,whilst he sat in is office, with the door closed therefore COULDN'T SEE !!!!) According to him my mobility,based on what he saw?!? I seem to have no issue with my mobility. so I tried to explain to him that the mobility issue was only part of the problem , that it takes more then a 30sec walk to his office after sitting down for 20 mins resting to be able to see if my mobility is ok,and that other issues where involved such as pain,nerve damage,swelling and not being able to weight bear.
So I mentioned to him about the fall and what we discovered and he just sat there and looked at me. Ignored what I said about osteo arthritis and starting going on about how he doesnt think he needs to test me for Rheumatoid arthritis. His way of knowing  this was to get me to hold out my hands and turn them over. I tried to explain to him about the pains in my elbows after excersise or lifting anything,carrying anything or at the end of the day. This is the same with my hands. Not to mention the fact that at I sometimes drop things because I lose my grip or I cant grip. Never mind the  fact that at bed time the pain in my muscles when they cramp or jump or the sound of the bones "crunching" in my fingers or wrists.
I wanted to talk to him about my concerns about the amputation, the effect the arthritis in the hips, knees and spine would have, could I find out how bad it is? Would this stop me from having the amputation? are certain things am doing causing issues or impounding this problem possibly making them deteriorate? Or are there things that am not doing that is making it worse?The ERTL (have i got that the right way round?) procedure and how the surgeon am under doesnt use it and of course the depression that seems to be spiralling out of control.
No instead I got a brief 5 minute appointment, told he didnt see why I was having the amputation and he didnt think I should go ahead with it, and I didnt have rheumatiod  arthritis and didnt think i needed testing.

God bless this wonderful nation and its Victorian NHS system. where the GPs dont have the training they need, cant speak expectable English,dont have the time to spend with their patients or the money to refer patients if necessary and its in patients best interest.

So unfortunately in this great nation of ours its a postcode lottery the type of GP service you are provided with, and I am in the wrong postcode.

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