Friday, 23 September 2011


Well I know its been a while since I have posted anything, but to be honest there has been very little movement ..until now.

I cancelled my appointment for my castings at the Freemans Limb Center so that I could take the kids to Lego Land.  It put everything back around 1-2 month but so worth it when I saw the children's faces when we arrived at the hotel let alone the two theme parks.  However traveling was a worry as I couldn't transfer into our car as it is  the size of the A Team van.  so with a help  of a friend who used to be a carer, we devised a way of my eldest , Michael, and my husband David , to lift me in and out of the middle seats.  To say i was nervous was an understatement and when we stopped at the first service station i was concerned but everything went with out a hitch much to everyone's relief !  However the whole trip put me out of my comfort zone. Over the last few months I have become so used to be stuck in the house, I had started to become agoraphobic , so this trip to Thorpe park and Lego Land was (excuse the pun) huge step for me but one I needed to take in order to put things back in to perspective.

The hotel and disabled room was fantastic !! I would recommend Wotton House to any one.  There was load of space to maneuver and the staff where brilliant every where bar some of the gardens where accessible.  But the time looms closer now for my castings which is taking place on the 28th of September and hopefully it will be a couple of weeks after that my legs should be ready to use in Physio.  However I have been given another appointment to see the surgeon which is confusing because as far as I was aware there was no more need to  see him. Pain is back to some degree, along with the pins and needles, I also have some numbness in the stumps which is bizarre but the true test will  be when I am up and about on my new legs.  Then we will be able to see if the pain is back as bad as before. Didn't get on any rides as  I couldn't transfer onto them  but was very happy just to sit and watch the kids have fun. Still working hard on my exercises every morning and planning on a complete makeover when I go back to work and when I get my new legs.  So bought hair dye, looking to get hair cut, new out fit and some new size 6 shoes.

Have also had work on the phone wanting me back asap, which is great because I am more then ready to be back at work, although I would have preferred to have been upright on my legs, using the metro instead of in my wheelchair using taxis to get  back and forth from work.  But lets take it slowly to begin with and here's hoping that I am up and about on my new legs in time for Christmas,which would be great.

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