Saturday, 14 April 2012


It's nice to be doing a job where I know what am doing and am left to get on with it. They are a lovely people I work with and are very helpful with time off for hospital ,doctor's and phsyio.  Which is good really as on Wednesday this week I collect my re made sockets, so hoping the fitting goes well and I can stand in them with out too much pain in order to start my rehab.

It means I may have to re adjust my hours at work which may put a strain on our finances especially with the holiday not far away.  Did I not tell you? ooh well its only 166 days till we fly.  Thinking of re starting the You tube videos again to document what it is like to try and go on holiday with a disability as well. The new wheelchair is working better for my job not so much lower back pain or leg pain but still some. So finally relented and going to go see the doctor about it.
Not sure what they can do about it though as have exhausted all the possibilities for the nerve damage. The next ones are the big hitters such as the morphine types and the patches and not sure how that is going to effect me and working.  Still waiting to hear from the DWP and Access to Work regarding my complaint, looks like am being ignored so may have to resend them.  Filling in the grant form to try and get  a different car,something I can transfer into.

Have been referred to Mr Talkani again since the fall as well just to make sure that there is no permanent  damage.  OT are due out next week to do an assessment on cost and the surveyor to see if it is possible to lower the door frame, so still in the process of trying to get a ramp fitted. At this rate I will be up and walking by the time they get round to it.

Off on a hen night next Friday around the town so that should be exciting and a new experience for me. Not sure how I feel about  it but my friend has looked at all the pubs and planned a route with me in mind...still though it will be the first time in a year I have gone out on my own in the wheelchair for a social reason, so a little nervous to say the least.

And on a final note my bug bear at the moment The Big Body Squad.  People getting all kinds of benefits, adaptations,help and re housing including having a house specially built for them....all because they are over weight!!!!!!!!!!!!! and me???nothing, ziltch, Zero!!!!

Maybe I should just give up work, and get fatter then  I am, sprog a few more kids, just for the hell of it and I just might get the help I need......just a thought.

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