Monday, 30 April 2012


It is surprising how quickly things change..and not always for the good either.

So am not back at work since the near mishap with the taxi .  The directors of the company called to say that they could not guarantee  to have the type of car and ramps that I would need for my type of wheelchair. so contract ended.  So this left me in a bit of a dilemma. Have spent the last few days ringing around taxi companies to try and get the right kind of car/ramps for my chair so that I can get to work safely.  OH and who are happy to deal with access to work.  Not as easy as it sounds actually.

After talks with my employer I am now temporarily working from home. On top of all of this my hours are now having to be cut to enable me to go to Physiotherapy twice a week so I  can learn to walk again.  It means that things are in a fine balance at the moment and am going week to week with my job as at the end of the day it can not be worked from home on a permanent basis.   Not great news. So now looking for work to do from home on a permanent basis's until all the rehab is done and dusted and once more I can return to the world of full time employment in the big bad world.  It does however make me wonder how other wheelchair users get over this as I know  that I am not the only person out there that goes to work in  a wheelchair?

Things for the holiday coming along fine all the meals are now booked on site and the itinerary is done (trust me 9 of us we need one!) and passports being sent off for. We have even started the holiday clothes shop.  Although still stressing about paying it off , I have to believe that by hook or by crook I will do it, there is no way am disappointing those kids of mine!
 These are the liners for the new legs.  As you can see there are a screw/ratchet type of fitting and the liner its self are made of silicone type material.
My first Physio appointment is going to be this Thursday so hoping things go well.  Have been putting the legs on to try and get used to wearing them. As part of this been trying to stand at the table with them on to put pressure through them. I am a little concerned though as when I take the right one off there is some whitening on my scar that could be a pressure point .. guess we will have to wait and see.

The nerve damage is worse then it was and this causes a lot of problems during the day and at night I am finding it difficult to sleep with it.  Unfortunately they could only get me an appointment for mid July for the pain clinic.  Having  tried all the usual suspects it is time to move on to the big boys of drugs as well as alternative procedures that may be available to me.  These might include having something placed into my spine to release chemicals into my spine to block the pain / messages. Not so convinced with that one though

Some good news though for a change.  Heard from the grant department at Motability and we have been awarded the full funding for a Ford Galaxy that  I should have new issues transferring into with or with out my legs. Down side?  Of course there is wont be delivered until August this year.

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