Sunday, 13 May 2012


Well my first physiotherapy  went really well and have had another one since then.

All concerns where laid to rest when I managed to impress them with a sit to stand from the wheelchair to the bars without using the bars for support. After 6 lengths of the bar they told me that if I could sit to stand from my chair to a zimmer frame then I could take the frame home! As I have always preformed better under pressure and in the face of a challenge, ( just take a look at the rest of my life!), I managed and felt rather proud  of my self to say the least.
I asked Emma my physiotherapist  for a prognosis based on what I had managed.  Although it was not fantastic I was really pleased with it.  Within 2 month I should be steady enough and confident enough to transfer from my chair to a front passenger seat of a car or another chair, using a swivel transfer.  Within 4 month (in time for my hols), I should be able to get into the office without my wheelchair, get around the house with out my chair and when out shopping etc using  mixture of sticks and the wheelchair.  This means that although I will still need a wheelchair to go away with as well as help on the plane etc , I should be able to transfer into the plan seat, use the toilets, transfer on to rides and sit at the dinner tables for meals.
They still think at least 6-9 month before am out of the wheelchair altogether and using just sticks/elbow crutches and 12-18 months before am fit and well.  This weeks physio went even better.  Since getting the frame to bring home I have been practising very hard with the stand to sits from the chair as you can see.  So much so that when I went on Thursday they took me out of the bars and give me a walker (frame with wheels), and I walked 35 meters !! I was ecstatic! We are aiming for 70 meters this week.

Obviously I was still concerned about work as the news was good for me but not so much for that.  After a telephone meeting with one of the managers of the company they agreed to support me through this period which was fantastic!!! So at the moment I am working from home for 16 hours over a 4 day period which fits great with my treatment and hospital appointments. This will be looked at again 2 month.
Although this does now mean that I am totally house bound and a recluse because I now only leave the house for appointments at physio and hospital.  Nothing more has been heard from the council re a ramp and unfortunately whilst out on Bank Holiday with my daughters, even with a wider solid ramp and wider doors, I still went off the ramp and nearly splatted on the floor !! David pushed too fast, the wheel at the front turned and it went off the edge.  With the speed David was pushing it didn't take much  for the momentum to take the rest of the chair off ! Lucky for me David caught the chair before it went completely off and lift it back onto the ramp.  Needless to say he is not allowed to push me up any more lol.

I still can't believe though that in this day and age there is still places that although refurbished not long ago don't have disabled access.  Last Saturday was my best friends wedding, but due to the premises not having disabled access  I was not able to attend the reception day or night.  I was disappointed and my friend was upset by this.  As to date I am still waiting for a reply from the company that owns the pub.  Will keep you informed.

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