Friday, 6 May 2011

3 weeks to go and who's counting?

Sorry its been a while since I have actualy wrote anything but it has bee such a busy time for me lately.

I have been trying to tie all the lose ends up at where I work so that I could hand my clients files over. My last day was Thursday and I am now on holiday for 2 weeks until the operation on the 23rd.
However the  holiday isnt really happening. David took on a business unit for a portrait studio, so I have been helping him to market that place and set everything up so that it will run smoothly for him whilest am in hospital.  To say things have been manic is a understatement!! I had more sleep with 6 kids when they where teething then I have had in the last two weeks with this!
However saying that we have had some lucky breaks. David as done some thrash metal bands one local and one from Boston USA at and inside the Newcastle keep. They have been so impressed with his work that they are talking about using some of it for their next album cover. I was just happy I pulled off geting them inside the keep.
I also managed to get him as Outlast TheSun's official gig Photographer as they are performing one night only as Stiletto to support Tigertailz at the O2 Academy this month. So have also asked if it would be possible to photograph Tigertailz as well. They told me that they didnt see why not and to speak to the tour manager on the day !! so really happy about that as well. Still trying to get him in to do a shoot with Adam Ant but no joy...yet .

So because am busy I havnt had time to think about the upcoming operation. But now as it draws nearer I must admit when I do stop to think about it,like now when am writting this, I feel a little tripidation about it. Nerves I guess.
I allready feel wrong not being at work.
I have already started to pack my bag bit by bit. Buyin new Pjs and tolitries,books etc and putting them in my hospital bag ready. Still dont know what the hospital policy is on me taking my laptop in with a dongle so I can use the internet and Skype?
I plan to update this on a other day or daily basis as I get nearer to the date as well as keeping it going all the way through my hospital stay. I guess I want people to read this and take comfort, hope,inspiration and help from it, for people to understand what it is like to live day to day with this and for other people who may be disabled to be able to say "well if she can do it so can I"
I am lucky to have such a fantastic network of physical and on line friends ( you know who you are!), thank you all of you and a fantastic husband and kids which has enabled me to do what I do and has helped me to get over the bumps in the road.
My operation pre assesment is on Tuesday at 4pm, am sitting here thinking that the carefully planed diet and exercise programme didnt 'quite' work ! and am wondering how much weight I can lose in  a few days !!!
ooh well at least I am trying , and still trying, to lose weight.  It might not be a roaring success but I will fight the good fight. Hey at least I dont eat Pringles any more......just lots of other things instead.

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