Sunday, 15 May 2011

Can you believe it !!

Well here I am again and its one week to go!

Been to the hospital for my pre assessment and I think everything has went OK although I still have to have my ECG done. I have been prodded and poked all over, and swaps taken in places that no one should have a swap shoved !! But at least I know they are being thorough, it gives me some peace of mind.  When I was in nearly 5 years ago it was no where near as thorough. Some one took one vial of blood, they asked if you where on any medication and  they weighed you and took your blood pressure, then that was it .

Been told to stop taking the Vitamin's as the one to help my immune system and the one for the Arthritis in the knees as they cause issues with the anesthetic.  Also as from Wednesday I have to de contaminise my self its called skin decolonisation. Basically I have to have a shower every day for 5 days using this special shower gel that is also used on the hair, I have sterile individually wrapped clothes to use, mouth wash I have to use 3 times a day and nasal drops/spray that I have to squirt up my nose 3 times a day. lovely!I have also been advised that I will be in ICU for a couple of days after the operation as well.

I have to be honest and tell you that am now starting to get nervous.  I suppose its only natural, after all am only human (unless you are my kids who don't think so).  I miss work as sad as that sounds and am scared of how much things are going to change for me. The amount of time I will have off means that work will have changed as I will be out of the loop for so long. Things I do now and take for granted now will change again, socially things will change again there as I will have to build up my confidence all over again not to mention learning to walk again.

At the moment when I think about it and about the fact that it is only a week away, I get that knotted feeling in my stomach, that goes along with the butterflies you sometimes get.  I am going to try to fit a V log in soon and the morning of the operation before I leave am hoping to be able to sit here and let you know first hand what is going through my mind, am also planning a V log before I leave for the hospital and if possible one from the hospital.

On a lighter note some of you may be aware that I am now sporting a rather snazzy head full of colorful dreads . I cant wait to see the nursing staffs faces not to mention the doctors lol

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