Tuesday, 31 May 2011

part 2

It is now 8 days since the amputation and every day gets a little better.

I am trying to set goals for everyday, nothing major just little things. Such as getting ready, using the commode in over the toilet, washing my hair, getting some sleep, staying in the wheelchair for so long etc.

So far so good ! this morning I have managed to do my excersises, get clothes on , have a bed bath (this sucks btw) and wash my hair.
I am slightly concerned though as my left stump seems to be more swollen then the right . However this may be nothing but there is no point going to the GP as they will just refer me back to the surgeon anyway, and the appointment should be through soon. Really don't know what to do for the best on this one.

Spoke to the GP today and have sorted out my sick note and some stronger meds.  He is given me a prescription for Tramadol so fingers crossed it will help control the pain and I will only need them for  a short period of time. Have also spoke to Sunderland Council concerning direct payments and assessment for help in the house so they are getting a duty social worker to ring me on Thursday to assess the help I need and equipment I may need.  Although it is mind boggling to know how they will assess me for the equipment over the phone?

I have also spoke to the DLA concerning my care needs now and they are sending out a pack for me to claim higher rate care. Starting to notice that my fitness levels are increasing which is good, transferring doesn't seem such an ordeal any more but is still very exhausting. Getting used to walking up the bed with my bum to sit upright in the mornings as am having to use 4 large cushions off the couch to enable me to sleep on a night ( this means I can sleep slightly propped up in bed, stops my back from hurting too much, still not ideal).

My aim is too get back to work, from home, by the end of June. Actually getting into the office may not happen until the end of September or later. I am also hoping to restart the OU work I was doing over the summer, but just to stop me going crazy am trying to promote my husbands business through social media, marketing and PR.

My goals for the rest of the week is paint nails tomorrow and get kids breakfast on my own, Thursday go to do my shop at Asda and Friday go to town with David to pay bills and do some shopping.  At some point I want to go to the pictures as well and save up for a shopping trip to the Metro Centre, but these are things to look forward too.

Remember there is always some one worse then you in the world, stay positive and take little steps/set little goals. 


  1. Keep smiling Jen it's inspirational reading these posts. You always seem to find a positive. Thinking of You xxx