Saturday, 28 May 2011

they think its all over now......

Well am now 5 days post operation.

Went in on the morning of Monday 23rd May. By 10.30am I was sitting in theatre being prepared for a spinal block with sedation.They have changed the system a lot since the last time I was in for an amputation.  This time I had to report to the day unit.  Of course this was me and easier said then done. You would have thought that the receptionist in the main part of the hospital would know where this was...ooh no !!

so after 45 mins of running all over the hospital we finally found where we needed to be. David wasn't allowed to stay with me which upset me as the last time he was able to walk with me to theatre. From the day unit I was taking to another waiting room upstairs with lots of other nervous looking people all with over night bags. After about 5 mins I was then taking around the corner to a ward area where all the forms where gone through and they checked what time I had last eaten and drank as well as making sure that I had removed all jewellery, make up and nail varnish.  After  this I was then moved to a single room on my own containing a toilet and a telly.  Here I met the anaesthetist who discussed how things where going to be done.  although it had been decided to go with  a general anaesthetic we both agreed that if we could get away with it to go for a spinal block and heavy sedation.  The bed in ICU was booked as a precaution just in case we had to rethink things half way through. I was then presented with a wonderful looking hospital gown and green foam covers for my shoes.  At  this point my surgeon came in to discuss what was going to  take place.  Once he had finished discussing the operation he asked me if I had any other questions, all I could think of was I wanted a hat like his funky green one!! Bless him, I don't know who is dafter but he came and give me one just before surgery !!!

I had a lot of mixed feelings at this point and really wanted David to be there.  From this little room after 10 mins I was taken to what they referred to as the "holding bay". this was a waiting room that had once been a staff room by the looks of things right next door to the theatres themselves.  After a further 10 mins I was then met by some one else who went through my paper work again, drew arrows on my legs ( this never stops being a source of amusement to me ) and walked me to the theatre. I have to be honest the phrase that sprang to mind was 'dead man walking'.

There was no way out at this point and I tried very hard to stay positive and keep my sense of humour. To the  annoyance of most of the medical staff I think!  snippets included when one of the sensors fell off and the heart machine reacted, my comment was " omg I have flat-lined" and " look every one was right I don't have a heart".  My last thought as I went to sleep with the sedation was of my eldest doing 'graceful ballerina' if you ever meet him or get the  chance you will have to ask him about that lol.

The next thing am aware of as the sedation made me sleep all the way through was being woken in the recovery room at 3pm, too which i asked for another 5 minutes.  As they where assessing my pain I ended up in a conversation with the nurse regarding Camden market and the Mayfair as well as trying to convince one of the male nurses to do a McDonald run....I was starving. After 20 mins I was then transferred onto the ward  Where it was commented on how well I looked and how alert I was considering, all I cared about was when was tea.  Needless to say not long after that I was given roast pork mash and veg and was very happy.

The new stumps are all bandaged up with what is called compression bandages.  I have been told these need to stay on for 3 weeks.  Looking at my legs now they don't look that much different. The biggest shocker for me is being back in a wheelchair.  I forgot how much effort went into transferring and how much i depended on my lower limbs for simple things like moving up the bed or repositioning myself on the settee ( you try laying flat on your back and without using you're legs or feet move into a sitting position up the bed).

I have also discovered much to my dismay that I am extremely unfit! Couldn't get on line in the hospital so couldn't blog but as you have more then likely guessed it was boring. Spent the 5 days in there flat on my back not being able to get out of bed or even change position to sleep.  The pain killers slowly came down in strength until am now using paracetamol and codeine, but being honest I think they need to take a step back up as I am finding now that i am out of bed the pain has increased.  I started my physo on day 2 with knee exercises to try and stop my tendons from shortening or wasting away.  By day 4 I had moved on to leg raises and a bastardised version of Thai Chi.  I would have been out of hospital on day 3 but the hold up was waiting on my wheelchair from OT as i need one that is anti tipping with stump boards.

Between you and me am not coping very well.  I got no sleep last night ( first night at home) as i couldn't get comfortable in bed, the duvet seemed to heavy and my back hurt ( in hospital I had been sleeping at a slight angle) transferring was a pain in and out of it so i spent most of the night in tears. And that has continued mostly on and off during today, my first full day at home and I have been in tears at least 4 times for various reasons, pain, frustration and temper being the prime ones.  Although saying that transffering is getting easier or so it seems and i have not felt sorry for my self ......yet......lets see what tomorrow brings eh?


  1. honey, my heart goes out to you, you have been through the wringer, but you def need stronger medsand maybe sleeping tablets...the more comfortable sleep you get the faster you will heal...also get the doctor to prescribe you some good quality vitamin look too pale...get them to check your iron asap. Miss you flower, i will come n see you as soon as you fancy a visitor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you loads x

  2. u are the most bravest and strongest people being able to fight throught the war of your mind and come out winning i have to nah how to be as strong as you but good for you for keeping chin up and and i will be round when i can to bring you a unicorn XD nar just choclotes and baileys in a shoe xxxxx ly loads xxxx