Wednesday, 18 May 2011


well mixed feelings and emotions right now.  Started the decolonisation today so that has brought things home to me a bit more. What a carry on though.

Had a shower using the sterile lints.  Then had to put this foam on my body and my hair.  I have to do that  every morning now until I go in on Monday. Then it was the mouthwash, it was disgusting!! I have to gargle with this twice a day. Next was the turn of the nasal gel, now that was interesting.   3 times a day I have to put a dollop into each nostril  and pinch my nose together.  All this together should help to prevent me catching or kill any germs I could be  carrying of  MRSA when I have my operation.

I have also had Social Services on from the hospital checking on equipment that I will need for coming home.  This is a change as the last time we heard nothing from them and where left to sort everything out ourselves.  This involved fighting with the social services and OT to get the equipment we needed. The wheelchair with stump boards being the  hardest to get a hold of. At least this time we will have the wheelchair for me going into hospital or at least a couple of days after.  This fills me with more confidence then it did the last time.

Mood wise? I don't know really. I feel that I should be stressing or something but am not.  Maybe I am on the inside because I have noticed that this week I have become short tempered and I get irritable quicker. My patients seems to be none existing. But in my head I feel all non pulsed about it. Bizarre.

Trying to keep myself busy I have been trying to market David's Photography business.  And I have to dye his hair.  Not to be left out he is having a very good friend of ours dread his hair to look like Sephiroth!
To top all of this off there is the infamous "Jennifer getting legless party " on Saturday to celebrate my forth coming amputation and birthday.

Today I feel kind of flat.  I have tried to stay motivated and happy but the day has conspired against me am afraid and all I feel now is low, grumpy and bad tempered.

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